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The Pollen War, Wash Those Veggies, and MORE!

Hello, Oily Friends!

Spring is officially here! It’s sunny & beautiful here in middle Tennessee! I hope you have some sunshine where you are this week! With the start of the new season, we want to share some oily tips to make Spring less, shall we say… pollenated?! Ha ha!! Your oils are a GREAT support when the pollen strikes! Try these ideas…


Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint (LLP) are a POWER combo when it comes to seasonal support!  You can diffuse this blend, make a roller from it, make an inhaler from it, and/or take the Vitality versions in a capsule for internal support!  Add some raw, local honey for some extra firepower! 

In a hurry?? This is a favorite “go-to” when the drippy nose or itchy eyes start… Stress Away!  Did you know that Stress Away has Lavender in it?  It also has Copaiba, which is great oil to help with the body’s response to inflammation!  Put one drop of Stress Away in your hand, rub your hands together, then cup your hands over your mouth and nose.  Breathe in deeply for 3 breaths, then rub your hands over your sinus areas, in front of and behind your ears, and down your neck. You’ll be AMAZED. For real.  😃


Another great way to support your breathing in the pollen war (everything turns YELLOW here in Tennessee!!), is super easy & economical.  Do nasal rinses!!  We use these nasal rinse bottles at our chiro office, and we give out FREE ones.  If you’re in the area, stop in and get you one.  We have them for your kiddos, too!


You can use the saline packets that come with these kits, or you can also use 1 teaspoon of healthy salt (Himalayan, Celtic, or sea) instead!  Get organic salt if you can and use ONLY distilled water in your nasal rinse.  Add a drop of essential oil to your salt or saline packet, then add the mixture to your water.  Favorite oils to use in your nasal rinse are:  Lavender, RC, Frankincense, or even Thieves!  Just ONE drop will do ya!  Try it!

What else goes with Spring?  Spring cleaning!  Did you get your Spring Clean freebies yet this month?  You still have time! It’s all about the Thieves this month!  Here’s a Sway presentation that talks about the freebies in detail!

Hello, Spring!
March 2019 Promotions
Go to this Sway

Did you get your bottle of the Thieves Fruit & Veggie wash this month?  To be perfectly honest, I’ve kind of ignored this product up until now.  I saw this VIDEO, and my mind has been totally changed!!  There is a LOT of yucky stuff on our produce.  #yikes Look at the difference in the broccoli…  😝 Can you guess which one was washed with the Thieves Fruit & Veggie Wash?!


Remember, when you get your YL products, they are concentrated!  That means you use just a little bit at each use and/or you can dilute the product to make more of it!!  Here’s a super helpful hack for the Thieves Dish Soap from Leslie Burris!  Go HERE for the video and get MORE bang for your YL buck!!  😃


Spring is the time to GROW, and that’s the theme of our upcoming Young Living rally!


SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 2019 is the next WORLDWIDE Live Your Passion Rally!!! You can privately host one in your home and YL will send you all the video links OR you could team up with some crossline friends in your city and host a rally OR just hope in your car for a ROADTRIP to NASHVILLE for our RALLY HERE!! YL headquarters will be here and one of my crossline friends from Illinois will be speaking!!! It’s going to be awesome!!! Tickets are only $12. Buy a couple extra and bring some friends! Here are the deets!!

GROW. This is our April theme! Increase your knowledge of oils and supplements. Cultivate and encourage your community. Expand your mindset and vision for life. GROW. Connect with us April 6th at the next Live Your Passion Rally!! As we gather together with friends and share in the unique quarterly experience our focus is Learning, Community & Inspiration. We are honored to join forces with Young Living who come to personally empower Nashville and help us as a unified community eager to GROW!!!

Go here for all the info:  http://bit.ly/YLNSpringRally

The 2018 Premium Starter Kit is still on sale!  This is a great way to get a lot of oils for a great price and a diffuser!  We have diffusers in every room of our house, so…  it’s a great buy!  This is available to current members and newbies!  So, if you have a friend who’s been waiting for a sale…  Here ya go!


Let’s close with a sample of Springtime diffuser blends from the YL Blog!  Remember, if you don’t have all the oils listed on the recipe, use more of the oils you do have, or create your own custom blend by adding a favorite oil of YOUR choice!  Peppermint is my favorite to add.  Breathe deep!  Diffusing your oils is a super easy way to have your whole family benefit from your oils.  WAY better than those plug-ins or scented candles, and it’s GOOD for you!  #winwin





Stay Oily & Spring On!

Robin Habeger


Dr. Chris Townsend
Back in Motion Chiropractic
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