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#TuesdayTip: Fight allergies with... nutrition?! YES!!!

Understanding Allergies and How to Truly Treat Them

We know allergens exist and we have reactions to them but we don’t really think about why our sinuses to go haywire, or why exactly we break out in hives. What’s happening is a particle—usually a harmless substance—is triggering an overreaction. Instead of digesting the invader, our bodies slip into hyperdrive and try to expel it untouched. This means sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, itchy nose, post nasal drip, lots of phlegm, coughing, dry or sore throat, having to resort to mouth breathing, keeping all the windows closed, and hiding indoors.

Actually, allergy season doesn’t have to mean all that. Instead, you can equip your body with digestive enzymes and natural anti-inflammatories it needs to keep calm and enjoy the change of seasons.

The allergic overreaction stems from your body’s refusal or inability to digest an allergen. For example, if you have an airborne allergy to a type of grass, that’s mainly a carbohydrate. When your body skips the breakdown process and instead tries to expel it, you couch, sneeze, develop post nasal drip, a sore throat, and so on. However, if you have enough of the enzymes to break down allergen, you effectively halt the allergic reaction.

Anti-Allergy Tools 

Nutritionally getting to the root of the allergic reaction isn’t difficult. It takes a complete array of digestive enzymes, nutrients like vitamin C, clean macronutrients, antioxidants, and probiotics.

As you now know, digestive enzymes stop the vicious cycle of non-digestion of allergens. This is the most important aspect of keeping allergies out of your life. So, when you pair digestive enzymes with nutrients like vitamin C, a natural antihistamine, it allows you to breathe easier and further curb the potential for any allergic reactions. Research has uncovered the link between probiotics and allergies. Probiotics, especially in children, can come in and provide the stimulation that young and undeveloped immune systems need to become healthy and strong. Researchers believe that because our immune systems are designed to be active. When they aren't busy fighting off diseases or bacteria-ridden food, they begin to attack much less serious offenders, like pollen.

Why OTC Treatment Doesn’t Suffice 

Over-the-counter and prescription medications don’t contain digestive enzymes; just chemicals that suppress your allergy symptoms. This can spell disaster over the long term. You can build resistance to their efficacy just like your body adapts to caffeine, meaning your go-to products stop bringing relief. Your body can also change what it’s allergic to, and lifestyle changes, like moving to a new environment, take their toll as well.

On top of this, all those products come from synthetic ingredients, which have a tendency to be an incomplete imitation of the real thing. And since synthetics are incomplete, it becomes up to your body to supply the missing pieces so it can use the product. This means more stress on your already ailing body. This stress often manifests as all those side effects you hope don’t bother you, like dry mouth.

Go Natural! 

We have many natural options at our office to help your body to FIGHT those pesky allergens nutritionally! Probiotics, digestive enzymes, whole food vitamins, and essential oils are just some of the tools in our anti-allergy arsenal!  Remember, our supplements are pharmaceutical-grade and are only available from a licensed practitioner, and they work.  We have many patients who no longer take their daily OTC allergy medication.  This could be YOU, too!  Give us a call for more info or to set an appointment to speak with Dr. Townsend.  Don't suffer anymore, fight back! Wellness awaits you!

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