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Oily DIYs, Upcoming Events, and Merry Christmas!!

Hello, Oily Friends!

It’s officially the Christmas and Holiday Season! Yay!! Time to enjoy family and friends, open gifts, bless others, celebrate Jesus, and eat lots of yummy food! We won’t be sending an oily update later this week due to the office being closed, so we want to take time to wish all our Oily Friends a very Merry Christmas!!




Young Living’s Beauty School is coming to Nashville, and they’ve added an extra day! The Saturday session on January 26th sold out fast, so now you can get tickets for Sunday! On Sunday, January 27, you will spend hours in learning all about and experiencing Young Living’s personal care and makeup products. Your $185 Beauty School ticket includes:

  • YL branded handbag
  • Sample-sized products
  • Swag
  • Branded headband
  • Amoressence™, the Beauty School’s event-exclusive essential oil blend
  • Beauty Book useful to any novice or veteran to host their own Beauty Class


Register for this super fun event HERE.

Get your tickets NOW for the YL Live Your Passion Rally coming in January!


On January 19th we are planning a great rally wrapped around a Transformation theme, perfect for the New Year! We’re looking forward to kicking off 2019 and being intentional about transforming our health and homes, and helping those around us do the same. See the ’YL Nashville Live Your Passion Rally’ Facebook page for the upcoming details, as we start filling in the topics, vendors, and the other details (within the next month) that will go into making this rally one that you & your friends won’t want to miss! It will be the BEST one yet!! Get your tickets HERE.

Stay tuned for new essential oils and overall wellness classes to be held at our office starting next year. Let’s learn and grow together in 2019!!


DIYs and Gift Ideas!

Here’s a great DIY to try! Super easy & economical! All-natural chest rub!

A common ingredient found in most chest rubs bought in stores is petrolatum. This is a byproduct of petroleum, often referred to as petroleum jelly. However, studies conducted by Columbia University show that the side effects of petrolatum include:

-Traces of petrolatum byproduct found in breast tumors
-Suffocation of the skin
-Premature aging
-Aggravated acne

Using store bought chest rubs can not only put your current health situation at risk, it can also affect your health situation in the long run. Your skin is extremely absorbent - meaning it will absorb every good and bad ingredient from the products you apply topically, and transfer those ingredients into your blood stream and body systems. By simply tossing out your store bought chest rubs and replacing it with ones you can create using Young Living Oils, you will be saving money and protecting your wellness with confidence, care, and wisdom.

This information is in not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease, but to spotlight the known dangers of toxic chemicals.


10 drops Raven
10 drops Lavender
5 drops Lemon
5 drops Frankincense

Mix 3 TBS coconut oil with the above oils. Add into a small glass jar (4oz or less)
Seal and use as needed on chest or bottom of tiny piggies.

Store cost: $6. DIY cost: $4.50

Here’s a great roller bottle recipe to try, too! Keep the calm during the hustle & bustle!!


With the gift-giving in full swing, I’d like to share some something posted online by an oily friend. Great ideas in here! I personally LOVE the eggs idea!!! :D


In the past year, I’ve really changed my view on something. That something is “stuff.”

Material professions.
What I have and bring into my home.
What we “need” versus what we “want.”
(...And really looking at why would we want something if we don’t need it.)

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t perfect and we have PLENTY of what we don’t actually need!

But something has changed and continues to change.

I’ve shifted my mind to ask myself:

“Will this have a job/function?”
“Will this item make life easier?”
“Will this add value to our life?”
“Will it somehow bring me/us joy?”

So with holiday shopping here, I encourage you to think of what really matters and what will really add value to someone’s life. Gifts that won’t sit on a shelf or go to a landfill.

Here are some ideas:

• a mug purchased at a thrift store, gifted alongside wild harvested or locally bought loose leaf tea, paired with a bottle of Bergamot or Lemon Vitality.

• a cast iron skillet purchased at a thrift store (my 13 year old and I recently found a lovely one), paired with a Einkorn Pancake & Waffle Mix and NingXia Berry Syrup, or local birch tree syrup (for those of us in Alaska!)

• a dozen free-range, organic eggs from local chickens, paired with a bottle of Black Pepper Vitality (yes, some people would love this! Especially those foodies who may not normally have access to or splurge on the local eggs!)

• a gift basket of Epsom salt and a bottle of Lavender, paired with a mug with tea and a good book or magazine.

• a gift basket of einkorn pasta and a jar of organic gourmet pasta sauce, paired with a bottle of oregano Vitality, two wine glasses and a bottle of wine or sparkling cranberry juice.

• a glass water bottle with a bottle of Grapefruit Vitality inside...and you can even add-on extras for the fitness person, such as a resistance band, a health & wellness magazine, and a favorite YL supplement!

• a handmade warming pad (or rice sock, for those of us with no sewing ability!), paired with a bottle of Peppermint, Wintergreen, or PanAway

• a mason jar of “brownies in a jar” or hot cocoa ingredients in a mug, paired with a bottle of Peppermint Vitality.

• a glass, ceramic, or terra cotta pie dish- purchased from a thrift store, paired with a bottle of Cinnamon Vitality and a bunch of fresh or dried rosemary as an add on! (Glen makes the best cinnamon-rosemary apple pie!)

These are just a few ideas for incredibly loving, thoughtful gifts- gifts that will be put to good use, and decrease the amount of generic “stuff” bought this holiday season. I hope it helps you in selecting wonderful gifts for those special people in your life. ❤

December Promos!

Don’t forget about the December promos! Ask your non-oily friends to join your monthly order! They’ll get to try some awesome oily stuff at a holiday discount, you’ll boost your order’s PV and get more FREEBIES! It’s a win-win! FREE Frankincense smells GREAT!! Ha ha!!


Stay Oily and Merry Christmas!!

Robin Habeger


Dr. Chris Townsend
Back in Motion Chiropractic

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