Nutritional Counseling

It's more than What you Eat

Good nutrition is the building block of good health.  Taking an in-depth look at what's in your daily diet, the supplements you are taking, and any environmental effects/stressors is critical in understanding how your body is functioning and handling daily stress.  Some signs that you many not be getting the nutrition, support, and supplementation you need are:

  • low energy
  • brain fog
  • not sleeping well
  • digestion issues like gas, bloating, pain after eating
  • frequent heartburn
  • skin issues like eczema or mystery rashes
  • and others

Dr. Townsend, DCBCN, has earned his post-doctorate in clinical nutrition.  He has successfully completed a 300-hour course of study in clinical nutrition, and he is ready to apply his knowledge and skills in the nutrition arena to better his patients' lives and health.

Are you spending your hard-earned money on natural supplements without seeing any improvement in your overall health and function?  We are ready to partner with you in better health and wellness today!  Don't delay. Call us for a free consultation.

Wellness awaits you, so let's go!

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